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Triple double

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Publication date - 2014.01.13
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St.Moritz is a special track. Not only it is the only ''working'' natural ice track in the world, it is also fast, difficult and it is also where Martins Dukurs experienced his most bitter loss- at last year's World Championship to Alex Tretyakov.

It is this sense of loss that made this race so long welcome. And it is this loss that made these two double victories so sweet.
Strangely, that fast last year's Russian athletes looked so not ready this time. There was no sign of last year's shine except for episodical flashbacks in start records.

We have never experienced so many countless cheer-ups and congrats from international sports journalists and bloggers. And it is logic- everyone is waiting for Sochi and every race is like a small repetition. There is no secret that Russian athletes are the main favourites to get precious metal in OG and our skeleton dominators Dukurs are the only ones who have enough gunpowder  to try to take it away.

Both races in St.Moritz enlighted that there are two things that can take Olympic gold away from Russian athletes in Sochi:

1)Martins and Tomass;

2)Russian athletes themselves.

It is not the fastest runner or home ice that wins the race. It is the psyhological stability. And that is what will make the outcome.


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