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It all starts in Calgary

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Publication date - 2013.11.28
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Latvian Skeleton team has arrived in Calgary, Canada that hosts the first race of this season’s World Cup (see calendar). We have been doing our training runs all week long, testing our gear and best set-up variations.
As for now, training results differ, but this is because of our effort to learn the track as good as possible. Anyway, the race is on Friday, that’s when a true comparison of force will be shown.
Since this is the Olympic season, we questioned Martins and Tomass Dukurs of World Cup importance this season, but boys clear any doubt: ‘’we will compete with a full force, since we have to stay sharp through the season, we wouldn’t want to lose this competition atmosphere feel’’.
We must say, this is the rare time when men’s and women’s competition takes place at one day, so this will be a true skeleton fan’s night! To follow all live skeleton race streams, use Skeleton.lv TV

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