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Some dissapointment

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Publication date - 2018.07.12

Regarding to 2018 IBSF congress held in Rome, we would like to express our confusion on following facts.

During IBSF congress, Russian Bobsleigh Federation (RBF) whose president at this time is Alexander Zubkov, had a legit voting right beside other international federations. As of present, Mr.A.Zubkov is convicted of doping charges and is disqualified as sports athlete and coach.

Right after the elections have been held, RBF official website has published a following news article: http://www.rusbob.ru/news/news/13263
According this, we are in a deep misunderstanding on IBSF President Mr.Ivo Ferriani’s choice by selecting RBF general secretary Mr.Sergey Parkhomenko as his advisor.

According to above, we would like to receive an explanation on following:
-Why is Mr.Ferriani selecting RBF member who has been in charge during scandalous Russian doping accusations as his advisor;
-What is the meaning of RBF statement (according to news release) that Mr.Ferriani ‘’highly evaluates Mr.Parkhomenko’s work during past period’’.
-What is the meaning of, and we quote:’’thus Russia will gain more tools of influence’’statement.
-Being aware of the fact, why is IBSF still accepting the situation where one of its member federations is ran by a disqualified sports figure.

Dainis Dukurs
Gints Dzērve

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