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Raksts publicēts - 2018.01.04

It is clear that the avalanche of bad IBSF decisions has reached its apocalypse today here, at ICC race in St.Moritz.
Seems to me, this organization is stubbornly sliding head first into the wall of skeleton sport’s discreditation. In fact, the decision making has been falling steep downhill ever since Sochi games.
Now let me explain the facts to those of you, who have not enjoyed today’s ‘’party’’of incompetence.
During heavy snow conditions the jury still decides to go on with the race, under the guise of many athletes needing to qualify for the Olympics. Seriousely? Guys, let me remind you that you already had a chance to help athletes qualify- it was this season in Winterberg WC race when your decisions basically burried the hopes and dreams of several athletes that definitely deserved a spot. And a chance. That you stole. Yes you did.
But forget Winterberg, it gets better- here, in St.Moritz. So the jury decides to race but the COACHES HAVE TO SWEEP THE TRACK together with track crew. Seriously, I am not kidding you. Its put in a way of ‘’free will’’, but lets face it- it is already decided. So nevermind the huge risks, we start to sweep the track with our backs wet and braking, risking to kill an athlete and be killed our selves. Reminder- it is not our job first of all, our job is to prepare athletes, do analysis of runs and so on, not being in a track in a totally uneven sweeping process. Needless to say, it snowed so hard, that we only managed to sweep the track clean when half of the field was already down. Go figure. So logically, protests are flying in. By the way, dear jury, the fact that I wrote a co-operate protest with the other team, DOES NOT mean it never happened. I DO HOLD A JURY LICENSE and I DO KNOW THE RULES regarding protests. God damn it, use the common sense if you have left any- if I am in a cooperation with other team and if that team cannot write in english, I help them, ok? Got it? And I paid you TWO hundred for TWO protests!
Again, it gets better, jury receives three protests, yeah it is three because all other coaches are standing behind the door (where jury is nervously hiding), waiting for their chance to protest, but guess what- protesting time comes to an end thus relieving jury members, who can now happily announce that run counts and I quote: ‘’We have inspected all results and conditions were almost even’’. So yeah, this is where I basically explode- you checked the results? You decided? IT WAS US COACHES sweeping and seeing, witnessing sleds plowing through snow, NOT YOU! GOT IT?!
And let me REMIND YOU this- WE MAKE THIS SPORT, us coaches, athletes and staff. YOU are supposed TO WORK FOR US! YOU are doing a BAD work. BAD.
And you know what?! YOU make this sport look bad, you make us look bad, in the eyes of our supporters, sponsors, spectators. If they wish to see clowns, they go to circus. But no, they wish to see a good and fair race for everyone, that easy!
Instead of giving us a clear answer, you just DISSAPEAR! ARE YOU DECENT???

Now, this could all be just me barking like a lone dog here. Could be. If it didn’t get tragic- all this nonsense came to a logic end when ONE OF THE ATHLETES HIT A SWEEEPING COACH AT 130km/h…. Thank God, they are both alive. Happy second birthday, Zhenya Rukosuev and get well soon, coach Zykov, fingers crossed for you.

IBSF, you are suicidal, your decisions are dangerous, unfair and incompetent. We do not want this, we LOVE this sport and we PROTEST of killing it.

Gints Dzērve, representing team Latvia
(Though I am pretty sure I represent the majority of this sport)

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