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Lelde Priedulēna noslēdz savu skeletonistes karjeru!

Raksts skatīts - 1360 reizes
Raksts publicēts - 2019.02.01
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2019.gada 1.februārī Latvijas izlases skeletoniste Lelde Priedulēna paziņoja, ka noslēdz savas sportistes gaitas skeletonā.
Paldies par karjeru, sasniegumiem un sniegtajām emocijām šo gadu garumā. Lai veicas turpmākajos plānos un lai viss izdodas!!!

Leldes Priedulēnas paziņojums Facebook:

“You’ll never be 100% ready, and it’s never going to be just the right time, but that’s the point. It means that every moment is also the right moment. If you want it, you just have to do it!
Dear Skeleton, I feel it’s time!
You gave me the opportunity to train and compete with and against the worlds best. You taught me how to suck it up, fight and not give up.
You gave me reasons to laugh and smile and reasons to cry and learn.
You gave me friends and family and showed me the world.
You built my character and made me the person I am today!
But every story has an end. Last year you taught me that it can end when least expected and it made me wonder a lot about - what’s next.
That’s why I want to thank you for teaching me to think out of the box and proving me that there’s no star too far and no dream too grand.
And at the end of the day - every ending is a new beginning! So shake the fairy dust and make a wish, the magic is in your hands!
Love, Lelde”

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